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The Family

Barristers Block began with the first plantings at our family owned Wrattonbully vineyard in 1997. Married with our pristine, cool climate Adelaide Hills vineyard in Woodside, we built a balanced portfolio of world class red, white and sparkling South Australian wines. In 2023 the Allen family purchased Boston Bay Wines in Port Lincoln, bring a new perspective to wine tourism to the region as well as award winning Riesling.

The family are actively involved in all aspects of the business, you’ll often see family members at the cellar door. Call in and enjoy a wine with us.

The Story

Tongue in cheek? Perhaps a little…

The genesis of Barristers Block? A true ‘colourful’ Australian story, grounded in the harsh realities of farming during the nineties and the six-year legal battle to save our vineyard. Thus, we affectionately named our winery Barristers Block. We’re certainly not lawyers.

The Vineyard

The fertile red sandy loam soils at our Wrattonbully vineyard continue to produce award winning Shiraz and Cabernet varieties. The Adelaide Hills are a world class, pristine and vibrant region and has quickly become a destination of choice for fine wine and dining. Our Woodside vineyard produces Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc, Fiano, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Woodside is also the home of our cellar door and Vignerons Villa Bed and Breakfast.